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Wildlife Removal in Pine, CO

Nuisance wildlife can turn a safe abode into a frightening mess! If you need to get rid of rats, bats or raccoons, squirrels or snakes, we are here to help you! Homeowners should never allow wild animals to enter their yard or home. They could cause damage to your property or spread disease to your family. Do not suffer from an unwelcome animal. Control your wildlife problem by calling AAAC Wildlife Removal today!

image of a raccoon

Wildlife Removal from Attics in Pine, CO

Nothing says safety, security, and convenience to a wild animal like your attic. Raccoons and other wild animals like squirrels, bats, and rats are always looking for dry places to raise their families. They can tear your roof and cause damage to your eaves and soffits, as well as infect your home with droppings. They will be removed by us in safe and humane ways.

Wild Animal Trappers

 Our team is educated on the latest sophisticated removal methods to catch all types of wildlife, both inside your house and out in your yard. We use the most gentle methods for wildlife control and follow all state guidelines regarding trapping and removal.

Pine Wildlife Damage Repair & Re-Entry Prevention

The battle is not over once your furry friends are gone. To truly solve wildlife problems, you need someone who can identify all entry points (where your furry friends got in), and repair any damage they caused to your wood panels, vents, or eaves. Our team is efficient and can make any type of repair you require.

Attic cleanup and insulation

 If you have had a family of animals living upstairs, they have most likely made a significant mess that they did not worry about cleaning up. It can be dangerous to leave animal waste in your attic (like bat guano). It is not recommended that you attempt to remove the waste by yourself without any special training or equipment. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Pine can help you secure your attic and replace any insulation that is damaged or ruined.

Racoon Removal:

 Raccoons are crafty little mammals, however, we are even craftier! You might confuse us with the FBI since we always catch our bandits. For all your Colorado Raccoon Wildlife Removal needs, please contact us

Rat Control:

Rats can be a nuisance and this is a fact. We can eliminate your rat problem (pronto!) and tidy up the mess they left in their wake. We are the very best rat removal service around!

Bat Control:

Bats are the last thing you need hanging over your head. If you need your bats removed, we will safely evict them and seal the entry points.

What makes us the best wildlife control provider for you?

The last 15 years have been spent putting together the best wildlife removal operations in Pine, Colorado. We are:

  • Professional, polite, and prompt
  • Passionate about what we do and how to secure your home
  • We are skilled trappers who care about the animals we work with.
  • Safe and humane
  • Expert in carpentry and home repair

We are licensed and insured. We didn’t become the best by making sure our customers were completely satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if wild animals are not being removed?

A: This depends on the animal. Call your local Animal Control office to report a feral animal. If the animal you need to remove is a wild animal (like a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake), at that point you would call a Pine-based Wildlife Removal service provider (like us! ).

Q: What’s the best way to get rid of wild animals?

A: Wild animals are different. The removal process varies depending on which animal it is. Bats usually need to be excluded from an attic. Controlling raccoons or squirrels can be achieved through humane trapping and relocation.

Dean Grose

I am passionate about helping my friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give me a call!

  • Humane Certified Pro
  • Nuisance Wildlife Management Ops
  • Ridge Guard Certified Installer
  • Bird B Gone Certified Installer
  • Certified Marksman Sm Bore 25 yds
  • Werner Certified Climbing Pro Safety
  • Certified Wildlife Pro

We proudly serve Colorado's Central Mountains

Counties: Jefferson, Park, Clear Creek, Gilpin

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